As well as publishing books on early Buddhism, its retrieval, and secular adaptation to twenty-first century conditions, we are developing online courses that focus on developing a secular take on the dharma.

We are immensely grateful for the time, energy and expertise so generously given to this project by individuals, communities and organisations in Sydney, Wellington, and around the world.

We’re also grateful to all our supporters who are helping breathe life into the aspiration that became Tuwhiri, financing the production of our first book.

To accomplish our aims, we need help – both practical and financial.



Tell your friends about Tuwhiri
Phone them, send them a text, tweet, post on Facebook – however you do it, please let us know what you’ve done. Connect with us on Twitter (@tuwhiri) and Facebook, and send your friends to our YouTube channel.

Run a course for your sangha
Bring together a group of people to go through After Buddhism together with our workbook. Donate NZD $150 or more through Givealittle or our Donate page and we’ll send you 10 copies of the book plus the digital versions). Have a look here for some ideas on how to run a course.

Tuwhiri needs
• Someone with experience of the publishing industry, or marketing in general to let people know what we’re doing;

• Someone to take charge of fundraising future projects, books and online courses.

Interested? Get in touch through the Contact page.



Our initial Kickstarter has ended, but we continue to need help to produce more books and to develop online courses for people with an interest in secular Buddhism.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, you can make a charitable donation to The Tuwhiri Project into our Kiwibank account at 38-9019-0064662-07.

Or go to then click on Send and make a donation to Tuwhiri at

To get a NZ tax receipt email us letting us know how much you donated, and the date.

Whatever country you live in, you can support Tuwhiri by using a debit card or credit card with a donation to Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust through Givealittle. If you do this please enter TUWHIRI in the Comment box.

Or Donate through this page of our website.

If you have any questions, send us a message through the Contact page.



We are immensely grateful to have received sponsorship from:

- Gary Dean, Indonesia
- One Mindful Breath, Wellington, New Zealand
- Ross Carter-Brown, Christchurch, New Zealand
- Steve Lovinger, Barcelona, Spain
- A person who wishes to remain anonymous
- Can we put your name or your sangha’s name here? 

If you’d like to discuss how you might support The Tuwhiri Project please send a message via the Contact form.







Winton Higgins
A member of our editorial board, he has been a Buddhist practitioner since 1987 and a teacher of insight meditation since 1995. He has contributed to the development of a secular Buddhism internationally, and is a senior teacher for Sydney Insight Meditators and Secular Buddhism in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Margaret Tung
Has been meditating, learning and practising the dharma for 20 years or so. A member of the Kookaburra sangha in inner west Sydney, she tries to serve the community in a positive way.


Peter Cowley
Director of The Tuwhiri Project Ltd, he is finding meditation practice very beneficial and appreciates it’s a lifelong practice. Recently moved back to his home town of Gisborne, he enjoys being engaged with organisations which combine social justice and spirituality.


Ramsey Margolis
A member of the editorial board and Tuwhiri’s publisher, he first practiced meditation in 1995 and now teaches reflective meditation at One Mindful Breath in Wellington. Founder and Chair of Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust, he curates

Tom Ibery.jpg

Tom Iberry
A member of our editorial board, Tom is secretary of the Sydney Insight Meditators committee, and a member of the Kookaburra sangha. He values the dharma through how it presents a life well lived, and wishes to explore how insight meditation and dharmic ethics can better himself and society.