Paying forward

by Ramsey Margolis •

From day one, all sessions of One Mindful Breath, Wellington’s secular dharma practice community, have been offered without a fixed fee. A member of the community’s Care Committee, I can happily report that we relish being able to allow people to offer whatever they like to take part. Our dana box is in the shape of a coffin, and has two sections – one for the community, the other for the teachings.

Thanks to the generosity of those who have taken part in previous Wednesday evening meditation sessions, daylong retreats and courses, the cost of hiring meeting venues is covered already. If, and when, people leave cash in our dana box, they are paying forward, allowing others they may never meet to benefit from a future event.

Our core members, who understand what animates a community like One Mindful Breath, offer their thanks with a regular payment rather than as cash. This underpins the community’s ability to operate, and for this we are all truly grateful.

Support for those who offer the teachings, likewise, is not a payment for a service. Offering dana for the teachings enables those who facilitate our sessions and teach the dharma to focus on the next group of people they will speak to.

It’s not the easiest way of maintaining a community, but it’s immensely heartwarming to adopt this course.

Similarly, generosity will be at the core of The Tuwhiri Project from the very start. Books will have a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, as we wish people to make best possible use of them. We’ll also be looking for ways to make our publications and courses as affordable as we can, wherever possible without a fixed fee.

For this to work, we need the support of people around the world who share our aspiration. Do please get in touch if you’d like to help.