Visioning Tibet – bringing light where once was darkness

Tibet has the highest rate of untreated cataract blindness in the world. This is the story of ophthalmologist Marc Lieberman, founder of the Tibet Vision Project, and his mission to end preventable blindness in Tibet by 2020.

Commissioned from Endeavor Films by the Tibet Vision Project, this film is built around the stories of two Tibetans: Karma, a farmer from a small village in northern Tibet, and Lhasang, patriarch of a nomadic family from the Tibetan plains, who make the arduous journey to a remote clinic in the hopes of having their sight restored by Tibetan doctors trained by Dr Lieberman.

Bringing light where once was darkness, Lieberman’s work was recognised by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, which named him 2003 Humanitarian of the Year.

Along with all western aid groups, including MSF, Dr Lieberman is no longer able to offer his skills in Tibet. As a result of this post, the Tibet Vision Project website came back online, and both he and the Tibet Vision Project continue to support this project by providing the same kind of care for people in Nepal. He writes:

All Tibet Vision Project funds are now being directed to provide the same eye care to active programs run by colleagues in Nepal, whom I trust fully. Insofar as whose blindness is being reversed, I have no preferences. Any restoration of sight to those who can benefit is a mitzvah [a blessing]. I'll be going to Nepal again in February 2019.

The Tuwhiri Project is happy to support the work of the Tibet Vision Project, and your support for the Tibet Vision Project is most welcome no matter what country you live in.

Since it is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, donations are tax exempt to the extent allowed by law. If you’re an American taxpayer you can support Dr Lieberman’s ongoing work with a charitable donation by mailing a check to:

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