Setting firm foundations

A brand new dharma publishing imprint, The Tuwhiri Project has produced our first book, After Buddhism: a workbook.

What we’ve created is an easy read that will help people work their way through and get a good understanding of Stephen Batchelor’s After Buddhism: rethinking the dharma for a secular age, on their own or with others.

Our book brings together a series of talks given in Sydney, Australia by the secular insight meditation teacher, Winton Higgins, to Bluegum Sangha and Golden Wattle Sangha. Questions for study at the end of each chapter have been prepared by Jim Champion in Southampton, UK.


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We set up a crowdfunding appeal on Kickstarter which – to our amazement and joy – reached 128 percent of the goal in just 15 hours. We then set what Kickstarter calls ‘stretch goals’ and achieved all three with 25 days still to go.

From this firm base we have been developing the project as a whole, as the ongoing crowdfunding process meant we were able to continue receiving orders for copies of After Buddhism: a workbook before they’re printed, so we knew how many to print.

As this is a workbook, we’re keen for people to use them to create conversations in their communities and sanghas around a secular dharma.

The Kickstarter ended on 11 July 2018 with 98 backers offering NZD $11,717. More than 20 of these backers received 10 or more copies of the workbook, with they will be able to run courses on After Buddhism and secular Buddhist ideas.

In our third stretch goal we expressed an intention to create a free online course using this material. None of us have created an online course before, and we understand now that we will need to be better resourced to produce a thoroughly worthwhile course, one that will fully engage people. If you’d like to offer practical or financial support to help us create an online course that is free to users, please send us a message through the Contact page.

By setting up The Tuwhiri Project in this way, allowing those of you who wish to support not just this one book but the project as a whole, we are helping to nurture a culture of generosity.

Pease don’t miss this opportunity to help support the development of educational resources for secular dharma practice communities, in the English-speaking world and we hope beyond. Please support Tuwhiri!