Each time the teachings of the Buddha have entered a new culture outside their Indian birthplace, they have had to undergo renewal and reinterpretation so as to gain traction in the new host society.

Stephen Batchelor’s work represents a landmark in Buddhism’s sinking roots in the modern west, and his After Buddhism is his most systematic contribution to the process. What is being left behind by the ‘after’ in the title is a set of received, conventional misrepresentations of the teachings, not their true beating heart.  


After Buddhism: a workbook is the consummate guide to this thought-provoking work. It provides a basis for periodic group and individual study of Batchelor’s text. Winton Higgins’s humorous, easy-to-read book offers a fresh and accessible commentary on After Buddhism without compromising the depth of Batchelor’s experience, scholarship and ideas.

Jim Champion’s astute questions encourage readers to use Batchelor’s reissue of the Buddha’s teachings to reflect more deeply on the lives they’re leading, the individuals they’re becoming, and the world we inhabit.

Use this workbook to run a course for your sangha, or just to deepen your own understanding of After Buddhism.




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I so enjoyed Winton’s talks on each chapter of After Buddhism as they brought the dharma alive for me in a new way, especially around the lay disciples of the Buddha about whom I had rarely heard before. These talks inspired me in my reading, reflections, understanding and enjoyment of Stephen Batchelor’s book.
Jane Clark, Golden Wattle Sangha
Stephen Batchelor’s After Buddhism is a key text for those interested in the relevance of the Buddha’s teaching to living our complex modern lives. And there is no better way to navigate this text than in the company of Winton Higgins, whose in-depth understanding of the dharma and Batchelor’s ideas makes our exploration illuminating and fascinating.
Margaret Tung, Kookaburra Sangha and Tuwhiri Editorial Board member
Winton Higgins’s series of talks on Stephen Batchelor’s After Buddhism provided our group with deeper insight and clarity around this modern, secular take on the Buddha’s message.
Dr Izak Janowski, Golden Wattle Sangha